About XMR
The SMACKer by XMR Sports is a simple, more efficient, improved way to improve athletic performance by accelerating muscle recovery.
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What We Do

We have developed a better, more efficient way to recover leg muscles than traditional leg rolling methods. The SMACKer product allows you to roll three different muscles in very specific ways to get the deepest and reduce the most lactic acid. We’ve built an excellent team of athletes and medical professionals to develop a patented product that is better than anything else on the market.


Who We Are

We’re endurance athletes too, so we can relate to serious training (and its resulting recovery times). We’re all about improved athletic performance by cutting recovery time and getting faster. We live to help athletes improve! We treat our athletes as a part of our own families and truly want to help them succeed to the best of their abilities.


What We Offer

Our products are 100% made in the USA, patented, and carry a lifetime warranty. And, if that’s not enough, we’ve got an extensive list of professional and semi-professional sponsored athletes, sports teams (including NFL & NCAA teams), and military branches – with the results to prove it!

Josh Beck

Josh Beck

Owner & Inventor

My name is Josh Beck and I am passionate about athletic recovery. Our mission is to help you become stronger and faster…sooner!


As an endurance athlete myself, I understand the need to train hard. However, it was not until a few years ago that I came to appreciate how critical recovery is to an athlete’s ultimate performance. That’s when I developed and designed The SMACKer philosophy (Stretch, Massage, Apply Compression, Kick-Ass!). Consistent, daily use of our SMACKer system will help keep your leg muscles fresh, relaxed and ready to hammer your next workout!

Ryan Hunt DPT, CSCS

Partner & Chief Medical Officer

Our “CMO”, Ryan, has an extensive background in injury rehabilitation and recovery and has a particular interest in athletic performance and sports injury prevention.

Want to X-celerate your Muscle Recovery?

The SMACKer is not only available to professional athletics teams, collegiate teams, high schools, government agencies, and professional athletes – you can have your very own unit at home! If you’re looking for improved performance and accelerated muscle recovery, the SMACKer is the answer!