The SMACKer by XMR Sports is a simple, more efficient, improved way to improve athletic performance by accelerating muscle recovery.
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Roll & Stretch ALL of Your Leg Muscles…Easily!

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  • hamstrings

    • Adjustable height for 90* angle
    • Utilize body weight for ultimate massage
    • Ability to roll entire hamstring muscle


  • Quads

    • Cross bar for comfortable support
    • Completely relaxed quad muscle while rolling
    • Ability to roll all sides of quadricep


  • Calves

    • Adjustable height for comfortable angle
    • Ability to roll entire calf muscle
    • Roll all sides of calf muscle


  • heels

    • Adjustable height for desired stretch
    • Balance & stability from support bars
    • Full foot support during stretch

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How The SMACKer Speeds Recovery

  • S


    Every serious athlete recognizes the importance of stretching. The SMACKer features a traditional slant board for maximum calf stretching. We suggest traditional hamstring and quad stretches as well to completely limber up the leg.

  • M


    When athletes train hard, byproduct adhesions develop in the muscle and inhibit maximum muscle performance. Massage breaks up those byproducts / adhesions and encourages ridding of lactic acid, which allows for peak performance.

  • AC


    Compression socks aid in the flushing of byproduct from the legs while increasing the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to the same area. This process speeds the healing of micro tears that develop during vigorous training.

  • K


    With focused recovery incorporated into training, ultimate performance is possible. The kicking-ass part is up to you!

Want to X-Celerate your Muscle Recovery?

The SMACKer is not only available to professional athletics teams, collegiate teams, high schools, government agencies, and professional athletes – you can have your very own unit at home! If you’re looking for improved performance and accelerated muscle recovery, the SMACKer is the answer!